Hiking and nature paths at Peurunka

On Peurunka’s trails, you can enjoy the tranquility of nature

Peurunka’s diverse outdoor trails offer the opportunity to move in nature and beautiful surroundings along marked routes. Well-being and outdoor activities in nature are beneficial for everyone.

Explore Peurunka’s outdoor trails and head out into nature for some exercise.

Peurunka’s nearby trails

Peurunka’s nearby trails wind through the surroundings of Peurunka and are suitable for all fitness levels. The routes are clearly marked and are well-suited for walking, outdoor activities, and cycling.

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Length: 2.7 km
Starting point: From the upper parking lot pavilion, you can also easily access the Pikkupeuran loop from along the route.

Pikkupeura loop circles around the Peurunka area, including the beach and also through the forest.

The route is well-marked with orange small signs on posts. Pikkupeura is suitable for walking, outdoor activities, and cycling.

The route is maintained in winter, so you can walk the trail even when there is snow.


Length: 3.5 km
Starting point: From the upper parking lot pavilion, you can also easily access the Peltopeura loop from along the route.

Peltopeura partially shares the same route as Pikkupeura but covers the area a bit more extensively.

The route is marked with green small signs on posts. Suitable for walking, outdoor activities, and cycling.

No winter maintenance.


Length: 50 km

The Metsoreitti (Forest Route) allows travel from Jyväskylä to Suolahti, Keitele Hotel, or Äijälä. The route passes through the villages of Leppävesi, Vihtavuori, Laukaa, Peurunka, Kuusaa, and Haapala. Along the way, there are 15 huts or lean-tos available.

During winter, the Forest Route is used by skiers, and during the thaw, by walkers and cyclists. The route is marked with blue signs in the terrain.


Maastopeura – mountain biking and hiking trail

Maastopeura is a versatile mountain biking and hiking trail that runs through the Peurunka, Kuusa, and Varjola areas. There are over 20 kilometers of mountain biking trails in the Peurunka, Multamäki, Lähdekorpi, and Oitinmäki terrains. The trails are suitable for enthusiasts of various skill levels and are well-marked.

You can choose trails of different levels and lengths.

  • The shortest cycling route (approximately 8.5 km) mainly follows ski tracks between Peurunka and Kuusa and is suitable for beginners and occasional outdoor enthusiasts.

Outdoor and skiing trails.

From the Peurunka area, you can easily access the popular Metsoreitti for outdoor activities and skiing. During the winter, Metsoreitti is intended for skiers, and during snowless periods, it is suitable for hiking and cycling.

The trails are maintained by the municipality of Laukaa, and you can see the trail information here.

The trails start from the Peurunka pavilion, at the upper parking area.


Orienteering is a nature adventure that offers experiences in the midst of nature throughout all seasons. The sport is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. Orienteering doesn’t require special skills, and even a compass may not be necessary. You can proceed at your own pace, either swiftly aiming for a good time or focusing on enjoying nature while searching for control points.

Experience the joy of searching and finding – There are 32 control points in the vicinity of Peurunka.
Download the orienteering maps to your smart device or print them from here:

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