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Finland’s most active spa

Peurunka is one of the most versatile holiday and rehabilitation destinations in Finland. Spa Resort Peurunka is the most active spa in Finland!

The spa, our several restaurants, events, exercise and activity opportunities, and various accommodation options offer a high-quality and flexible framework for versatile leisure time, entertainment and business event needs, and the provision of rehabilitation services.

Peurunka – Naturally good to be


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Anniversary: Peurunka 50 years

Rehabilitation and sports foundation Peurunka’s story began 50 years ago, when Peurunka was founded especially as a rehabilitation facility for veterans. Registered in 1968, “Korsuveljes” rehabilitation facility’s support association aimed to build a rehabilitation and spa treatment facility and an occupational clinic center on the shores of Lake Peurunka.

Today, in 2024, Peurunka is a well-being center offering experiences, where you can enjoy a spa, pampering, rehabilitation and wellness services and activities, as well as various events and the offerings of several restaurants.