Rent eFatbikes

Welcome to cycling in Peurunga’s terrain!

You can rent electrically assisted fatbikes from us.

Rent a bike and get to know the wonderful nature, conquer the hilly terrains easily on an electric bike.

Bikes can be rented in advance from the online store or on site at Bistro Nemo.

Rent an electric fatbike!

With an electric bike, even steep hills can be easily climbed. The bikes are suitable for beginners as well as experienced enthusiasts.
Our staff will guide you in the use and selection of suitable routes for cycling.

  • 10 adult bikes
  • 1 set of children’s bikes.
  • The bikes are suitable for 155-185 cm adults and over 140 cm children.

Feel free to come and try it, there are routes for enthusiasts of all levels in the Peurunga area.

eFatbike rental agreement

Routes for mountain biking in the nearby area

A mountain bike trail has been completed in Laukaas, which has been named Multamäki MTB – Multamäki mountain bike and outdoor trails! The route has been built for a total of more than 20 kilometers in the terrains of Peurunga, Multamäki, Lähdekorvi and Oitinmäki.

Multamäki MTB consists of three routes of different levels:

  • Oitinmäki course
  • Lähdekorve course
  • Multamäki course

Book in our online store

Make sure you can use the bikes by booking in advance in our online store.