Enjoy the peaceful Finnish nature walking on the snow with snowshoes. You can choose your own paths and stop to enjoy your snacks at lean-to or Laplander’s hut. Snowshoeing is a fun adventure for the whole family. Add a spa visit after your walk and enjoy the warmth of saunas and swimming pools.

You may rent snowshoes both for adults and children. For groups guided snowshoeing tours also available with advance booking.


Explore the winter wilderness with snowshoeing!

Rent snowshoes and explore the surroundings of Peurunka. Snowshoeing isn’t limited to walking on marked trails; it allows you to venture into challenging terrain to admire the scenery.

A delightful activity for the whole family!

Snowshoeing is a fun activity suitable for people of all fitness levels and for the entire family. Rent snowshoes, pack some snacks, and explore the nature surrounding Peurunka alone or with your family.

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Rent snowshoes for €10 per person for 2 hours.