Our rental saunas are situated in the spa, on the shore of lake Peurunka and on the top floor of the spa hotel. They are perfect for company sauna evenings, meetings and, of course, for families! Every sauna has a separate changing room and a cabinet or another room where you can spend time together. Some of the saunas also have a fireplace in the cabinet. By contacting our sales service, you can also book a delicious sauna menu and drinks.


Lakeside sauna

Our inviting Lakeside sauna is situated on the shore of lake Peurunka. The Lakeside sauna also includes a comfortable room for 10–25 people with a fireplace. The shore of the lake in front of the smoke sauna is particularly gently sloping, which makes it ideal for children. The warm evening sun hits these saunas in an ideal way.

You can also reserve the adjacent smoke sauna for your use.

  • In the lakeside sauna, you can also comfortably organize a meeting for your work team or an evening out with friends.

    You can also reserve a delicious menu for the saunas and the corresponding drinks from our sales service or 020 751 6300.

  • You can get the key to the lakeside sauna at the hotel reception. Please arrive on your scheduled time.
    Sauna rental includes towels and tablecloths.

    The lakeside sauna is not part of the serving area, so you can bring your own snacks and soft drinks.

Traditional Finnish smoke sauna

If you want to experience a traditional Finnish sauna, we recommend reserving our smoke sauna. It is an experience that you won’t forget.

Warming up a smoke sauna differs from warming up a regular wood-heated Finnish sauna. It takes many hours to warm up the smoke sauna with wood. The smoke of the fire is trapped inside the sauna.  The smoke is allowed out through the door before guests enter.

As you can imagine, this gives the Finnish smoke sauna a completely different atmosphere, and makes it a truly unique experience. The moist heat and steam rise from the stove mingling with the scents of smoke.

You can also dive into Peurunka lake to chill out and enjoy the beautiful view.

Smoke sauna is suitable for maximum of 10 persons.


  • The smoke sauna is popular for groups of different sizes and, for example, at the end of a meeting day.

    You can also reserve a delicious menu for the saunas and the corresponding drinks from our sales service or 020 751 6300.

  • When booking a smoke sauna, a lakeside sauna is also booked, where you can take a shower. After warm baths, it’s nice to refresh yourself by taking a dip in Lake Peurunkajärvi.

Barrel saunas and hot tubs

Sauna World is located on the beach area of Peurunka, close to all Peurunka services and near the Water Park. Gather your friends or family and come to Sauna World! Enjoy the steam of the barrel sauna and the warm water of the hot tub.

From Sauna World, you can rent a Barrel Sauna and a hot tub:

  • Barrel sauna with a lake view
  • Hot tub
  • Lounge area
  • 2 outdoor showers (warm tap water)

A total of 2 Barrel Saunas and hot tubs are available for booking.

  • Price:

    • 11 am – 5 pm: €60 per hour
    • 5 pm – 10 pm: €80 per hour

    Includes one hour of use for the barrel sauna and hot tub. Also includes showers (warm tap water) and a small changing room adjacent to the sauna.

    The barrel sauna accommodates approximately 6 people at a time, and the larger Halti Special hot tub accommodates up to 7 people at a time.

  • Instructions:

    Please arrive on time at Bistro Nemo, where you will receive keys and instructions.

    Barrel saunas and hot tubs are not part of the serving area, so feel free to bring your own snacks and beverages.

    Please leave the facilities in a clean condition for the next guests.

Panorama sauna

The Panorama sauna is connected to the theme spa and offers a great view into the spa area. The sauna has a spacious dressing room and a cabinet for a maximum of 10 persons.

  • In the Panorama sauna, you can comfortably hold meetings or dine after relaxing in the sauna.

    You can also reserve a delicious menu and suitable drinks for the saunas from our sales service at or 020 751 6300.

    The Panorama sauna is part of the serving area.

  • Instructions:

    You can conveniently book the Panorama sauna directly from our online store.
    Please note that spa tickets are not included in the sauna price.

    You can collect the sauna keys from the spa reception; please be on time!

Sauna Cabin 1 and 2

Rent Sauna Cabin 1 or 2 located in the main building of the hotel for your business meeting or with friends!

The sauna cabins feature meeting and fireplace areas, dressing rooms, and balconies with stunning views of Lake Peurunkajärvi.
Please note that there is no direct access to the spa from the sauna.

  • In the sauna cabins, there is a shared foyer, but each sauna has its own dressing rooms and fireplace rooms.
    You can rent either one or even both saunas for your use!
    The saunas are located on the third floor of the hotel, a short distance from the restaurant and other services.

  • You can get the key to the sauna cabin from the hotel reception. Sauna rental always includes towels.

    Please note that the cabins do not have direct access to the spa.

Feel free to ask for more information and make a reservation!

Book the saunas and menu options through our sales service:

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