Rehabilitation services are available in Peurunka

The purpose of rehabilitation is to support individuals in making their everyday life more functional when illness or disability hinders daily activities, or when your life situation requires seeking a new direction. Rehabilitation can be beneficial if illness or disability complicates your studies, work, or independent functioning in various stages of life. Rehabilitation is based on an individualized and goal-oriented plan.

Goals, duration and services

In order to receive Kela’s rehabilitation, you need a doctor’s statement about the need for rehabilitation caused by illness or injury. For example, rehabilitation organized by Kela is usually free of charge.

The goals, duration, and granted services of rehabilitation are determined based on your needs. There are options ranging from a few days of assessment of rehabilitation needs to longer-term rehabilitation.

  • Rehabilitation can have, for example, the following goals:
  • maintaining and restoring physical functioning
  • continuing or entering the workforce
  • adapting to life with illness or disability.

For more information on rehabilitation services, you can visit Kela’s website:

For more information about rehabilitation in Peurunka, you can find in finnish


As a rule, all our public spaces are accessible. It is easy to move in the corridors with a wheelchair or other assistive device. Public toilets can also accommodate wheelchairs. There are no thresholds and, for example, the corridors are wide and the elevators spacious.

  • The lobbies are spacious, without thresholds
  • The exterior doors open automatically
  • The corridors are wide and e.g. you can move around a lot in the restaurant premises
  • At breakfast and other takeaways, you can easily eat from the takeout table, even sitting in a wheelchair
  • A lower service point at the reception desk
  • Induction loops in the auditorium and at the hotel reception
  • Barrier-free access to meeting rooms, except for a few rooms
  • Accessible gym
  • In the spa Accessible changing rooms, aids in the spa