Forget everyday stress and worries. Let refreshing water embrace you and enjoy a variety of different and surprising pools. In the relaxing heat of our saunas, you can breathe deeply and feel the tension leaving your body. For children, there are thrilling water slides and dedicated kids’ pools. You can also take some time for yourself and book a luxurious pampering treatment in Day Spa Nautilus.



Welcome to Peurunka Spa!

At Peurunka Spa, you’ll have a great time with the whole family or enjoy some peaceful relaxation in the warmth of the hot tubs. You absolutely must try the spa’s three different water slides, as well as the Wibit track!
Our Saraakallio theme sauna will take you back in time to experience the sound effects. Discover the story – where did the Saraakallio sauna logo originate, where does the word “Spa” come from?

Welcome to our spa!


Spa tickets

Swimming time is 3 hours.

Weekday price is valid from Monday to Thursday.

Weekend and peak season price is valid:

  • Friday to Sunday
  • On holidays and public holidays
  • During school autumn, Christmas, and winter holiday seasons.


Weekday price: €16
Weekend and peak season price: €23

Adult: Spa + gym visit
Weekday price: €21
Weekend and peak season price: €28

Children 4-14 years old, students, and seniors

Weekday price: €13
Weekend and peak season price: €15

Child: Spa + gym visit
Weekday price: €18
Weekend and peak season price: €20

Family ticket to the spa: 2 adults + 1-2 children

Weekday price: €45
Weekend and peak season price: €55

Vouchers as payment methods

The following vouchers are accepted at Bistro Nemo/spa cashier: Smartum: exercise and culture vouchers, SmartumPay, Virikeseteli (not mobile), Eazybreak, Edenred mobile and lunch, EPassi, meal vouchers: Smartum, Eazybreak, lunch voucher. Only for personal use.

Enjoy the different pools

The spa has several pools for various purposes, including:

  • hot tubs
  • a river pool
  • a cold pool
  • a kids’ pool and a Baby Bungee pool for small children.

In the pool bar, Bistro Nemo serves snacks, drinks and ice cream.

Finnish saunas

Electrically heated spacious saunas are available for both men and women.

Enjoy sauna peacefully and indulge in the warmth of the steam. Enjoying traditional Finnish sauna is relaxing and helps alleviate stress. Sauna bathing also improves blood circulation and helps remove toxins from the body.

Infrared sauna

In our spa, we have one of Finland’s largest infrared saunas, so several people can fit in at once. Those using mobility aids can also enjoy relaxing moments effortlessly.

An infrared sauna is a low-temperature sauna that uses infrared radiation to heat the body. The heat from the infrared sauna penetrates deeper into the skin than traditional sauna heat, helping to alleviate muscle pain and improve circulation.

Relax in the infrared sauna!

Steam sauna

The temperature in the steam sauna is lower than in a traditional sauna. The steam in the steam sauna helps to open the airways and remove toxins from the body.

*) During severe cold spells, the steam sauna is closed. Fingrid has requested that all electricity users participate in demand response due to the tightened availability of electricity. Peurunka, as a responsible operator, has decided to participate in these energy-saving efforts.

Saraakallio theme sauna

Sit in the sauna and listen. Do you hear the voices of the past?

Discover the story of the sauna – where did the Saraakallio sauna logo originate, where does the word “Spa” come from?

The rock paintings of Saraakallio are located on a 40-meter-high rock wall on the eastern shore of Saraavesi. You can easily see a few clear paintings such as a deer and a boat.

Shower experience

Experience the smells, sounds and different forms of water in our shower area.

In addition to the previous ones, there are two new experience showers in the area. These showers offer a full sensory experience – including sounds, lights, different shower types, scents and water in different forms. This is a real experience for all the senses.

The spa has three water slides


One of the longest water slides in the Nordic countries and the longest in Finland is the 130 m long water slide at Peurunka! Climb the spiral stairs to a height of 14 meters and slide down the breathtaking 130 m water slide, which provides joy over and over again. The slide has a timer – who can slide the fastest?


Additionally, our spa features a 40 m long water slide with a timer as well. The starting point of the slide is next to the upper deck’s hot tub.


In the children’s pool, there is an orange children’s slide that also provides thrilling speed! Small children should be cautious the first time as the speed can be surprising! Small children can slide down both large slides together with adults.


The water slide is closed when the temperature drops below -20°C, during a long cold spell, the water slide may be closed at a lower temperature.

Pool Bar

On the spa side, there is a pool bar that is open during the spa’s opening hours. You can enjoy refreshments and a selection from Bistro Nemo also at the Pool Bar (limited selection)!

Payment at the Pool Bar

At the Pool Bar, you can charge to your hotel room or pay directly with cash or credit/debit cards. If you charge to your room, it must be opened at the hotel reception in advance with a credit card.

Bistro Nemo


The diverse and fun Hydrohex workout is effective and safe. Underwater video footage clearly demonstrates the correct technique for even the most challenging exercises!

  • Virtual workouts on the big screen at certain times
  • The Hydrohex relaxation pool is available for independent use; please note that on weekdays until 4:00 PM, the relaxation pool may be reserved for group use.
  • Workouts are included in the spa visit price.
Hydrohex schedule

Pool Temperatures

Spa pool temperature: +32-35°C

River pool: +30°C

Middle pool: +30°C

Children’s pool: +30°C

Warm pool (next to the cold pool): +37°C

Cold pool: +8–10°C

Baby Bungee pool: +32°C

Hot tubs: +32°C

Relaxation and therapy pool: +32°C

Good to know

Changing Rooms

Peurunka’s changing rooms are located on the 2nd floor of the spa. Accessible changing rooms for both men and women are available on the 1st floor of the spa. For more information, please inquire at the spa reception!

With an Assistant to the Spa

Assistant services are complimentary.

A customer’s personal assistant can be male or female, and it is permitted for them to assist the customer in dressing rooms, sauna, and shower facilities.

Frequently asked

Can you wear swim shorts in the spa?

Yes, as long as the shorts are made of swimwear material and are used exclusively for swimming.

Is a swim diaper mandatory and can they be purchased at Peurunka?

It is not mandatory. A swimsuit with legs is sufficient, and swim diapers can be purchased from us (€2/piece).

Photography in the spa premises

Photography is allowed in the spa. However, photography in changing rooms, shower, and sauna areas is strictly prohibited.

Lost and Found

Inquire at the hotel reception promptly. Lost items are sent to the Finnish Lost Property Service.


Arrival at the spa

Parking on the Peurunka premises is free. There are parking spaces available, including in front of the spa and along the roadside.

The spa’s cashier is located adjacent to Bistro Nemo.

  • Spa tickets are purchased from Bistro Nemo, meaning the spa’s cashier. You will receive a wristband that grants you access to the spa.
  • Show your wristband at the gate in front of the spa’s cashier, and the gate will open (green arrow).
  • In the spa’s changing rooms, you lock the locker with your wristband: close the locker door and press the wristband to the lock point on the door. The lock will snap shut.
  • The locker door will open when you press the wristband to the lock point again.

Exiting the spa

  • The locker door opens with the wristband. Press the wristband to the lock point.
  • If you have forgotten your locker number, you can check it from the device in the changing rooms.
  • When you arrive at the gate to the spa’s cashier, place the wristband in the slot of the gate (make sure it is the correct side, flatten it, and insert it deep enough), and the gate will open (green arrow)!
  • Do not fully insert the wristband into the gate, but use it inside and take the wristband with you for your next visit!

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