Bistro Nemo and Allasbar

Bistro Nemo offers fast food, cafe services and spa cashier. The pool bar serves on the side of the spa.

Bistro Nemo is the customer service point for many of our services!

Bistro Nemo has a restaurant with fast food menus and a cafe. In addition, you can buy tickets to the spa, exercise groups and rent a bowling alley, exercise equipment and reserve playing fields at Bistro Nemo at the spa’s service desk.


Bistro Nemo

Cafeteria services Mon – Sun 9.00 – 21.00
Food sales Mon – Sun 11.00 – 20.00

Cafe and fast food restaurant

Bistro Nemo offers:

  • cafe products: salty and sweet cafe bread. On offer are pastries and savory pies made by us!
  • ice cream portions and ice cream
  • refreshments
  • delicious burgers
  • pizzas
  • salad portions
  • own list for children

In addition, towels can be rented for spa visitors, and if you forgot your swimsuit at home, you can buy it at the Puodi in the hotel’s lobby.

Dishes and pizzas also included!

You can also buy dishes from Bistro Nemo to go! Pick up at home or in a hotel room.

Pool bar

There is a pool bar on the side of the spa, which is open during the spa’s opening hours.

You can enjoy Bistro Nemo’s refreshments and selection at the pool bar, along with a visit to the spa. The pool bar’s selection is limited.

Paying at the pool bar

You can order from the pool bar on the hotel’s room bill or pay directly with cash or payment cards. The room invoice must first be opened at the hotel reception with a payment card.