Day Spa Nautilus

Pampering and care

Take a moment for yourself. Choose a suitable treatment from our wide range. From Day Spa Nautilus, you can book:

  • massages
  • specialized massages
  • facial treatments
  • body treatments
  • foot and hand treatments
  • makeup, nails, etc.




Classic massage relaxes muscle tension and tightness.

You can choose a full-body massage or focus the massage on the desired area of ​​your body. If you wish, you can enhance the effects of the massage with special oil.

Classic Massage

39 €

Treatment time: 25 min / 35 min / 50 min / 75 min
Price: Starting from 39 €

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Special Massages

From our special massages, you can choose when you need targeted treatment or specialized massage therapies.

View all special massages, including, for example, Jaw Muscle Massage.

Stress Neck Massage

53 €

Especially suitable for those suffering from stress-related symptoms in the neck and shoulder area. Aromatican Cramp Mix oil is used in the treatment, containing lavender, black pepper, and ginger. If sensitivity occurs, a base oil can be used.

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Hot Stone -massages

65 €

35 min / 60 min

A holistic treatment that relaxes the mind and body using heated stones and soothing massage strokes. Aromatic oils are used during the massage. Not suitable for pregnant women.

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Indian Head Massage

52 €

A blissfully relaxing treatment that involves various massage techniques applied to the shoulder area, cervical spine, head, face, and ears.

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Jaw Muscle Massage 50 min / 75 min

72 €

Jaw Muscle Massage involves treating the muscles inside and outside the mouth, as well as the muscles of the head, neck, and shoulders. Suitable for you if you grind or clench your teeth, suffer from migraines, stress/tension, or tinnitus. The 75 min treatment includes massage of the neck and shoulder area.

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Face treatments

In facial treatments, we use high-quality Ella Baché products. You can also purchase products from us!

A moisturizing and brightening treatment for the skin

55 €

The treatment includes: initial cleansing, exfoliation, intensive serum, mask, and moisturizer.

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Diamond treatment 60 min

85 €

The treatment includes: initial cleansing, diamond microdermabrasion, mask, and moisturizer.

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Deep Cleansing Facial Treatment 75 min

85 €

The treatment includes: Initial cleansing, exfoliation, optional steaming and mechanical cleansing, massage, mask, and moisturizer.

Also available for teenagers!

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Ultrasonic Facial Treatment

90 €

Deep treatment according to your skin type. The treatment includes: initial cleansing, exfoliation, painless skin cleansing with the sonoscrub device, absorption of treatment gels with ultrasound, mask, and moisturizer.

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Foot and hand treatments

When you take care of your feet and hands, they thank you and stay healthy and beautiful. Regular treatments also help maintain the health of your hands and feet.

Traditional Pedicure 55 min.

65 €

The treatment includes: foot bath, nail cutting, thinning of thickened nails, treatment of ingrown nails, removal of nail calluses, and application of moisturizing cream with a light massage.

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Moisturizing treatment for hands 25 min.

30 €

Hand exfoliation with aromatic products, moisturizing paraffin wraps, and hand protective gloves.

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Gel Polish for Toes or Nails.

45 €

A lacquering done on your own nails. The result is durable and beautiful nails. The polish is cured with UV light.

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Body treatments

Lovely pampering full-body treatments relax and nurture your mind and body. You deserve this treatment. Enhance your holiday or day with a full-body treatment.

Holiday Start package 30 min.

50 €

To get into the holiday mood, you can enjoy a relaxing treatment that includes back exfoliation and hot stone massage on the back area.

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Chocolate Massage 60 min.

90 €

A relaxing full-body massage with wonderfully soft chocolate oil that awakens your senses and nourishes your skin. Also available for two people at the same time, for example, for couples!

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