Frisbee golf

Peurunka DiscGolfPark The 20-lane frisbee golf course is located in the Peurunka beach area and nearby forests, going around the ice rink. The course is well suited for beginners and hobbyists. Frisbeegolf is suitable for all people who like to exercise in nature. The sport combines movement in nature and a challenging game in an interesting way.

Track maintenance

The track is maintained by Peurunka and the local club PuskaPuttaajat. The course has two Par 4 and the rest are Par 3 fairways, so the par of the course is 62.

The lengths of the lanes are 52-197 meters, the total length of the lanes is 1877 meters.


The track has a price during maintenance. There is no maintenance on the track during the winter season.

The track fee is €5.00/person, including the route map.
Season ticket €70.00

For a fee, you can throw for the whole day. The season ticket also includes significant discounts, e.g. About Bistro Nemo’s food portions.

Discs can be borrowed from Bistro Nemo with a deposit of €10, which you will get back when you return the discs. Discs are also sold at Bistro Nemo.

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Reservations for groups:


Individual rail payments to the Bistro Nemo service point.