Bunker Museum

Welcome to explore the Korsuveljet Museum, a real wartime bunker.

Bunker Museum

The Old Bunker

The Bunker Museum located in the Peurunka area is an interesting place to visit. The bunker replicates the conditions of the late stages of the trench warfare era and showcases artifacts, handicrafts, and equipment.

The Bunker Museum, with its appropriate equipment, communicates to future generations what life was like in a wartime bunker.


The founders of the Bunker Museum

The museum was opened in 1989. The Bunker Museum was built by Korsuveljet, and it features a wealth of authentic remnants from our wartime, ranging from uniforms to field telephones and even felt boots.

The Bunker Museum is maintained and presented by Korsuveljet Ry.


There is a voluntary admission fee to the museum to support the activities of the Korsuveljet Ry

Guided Tours:

During the guided tour times, there will be a guide available at the Bunker Museum.

  • Wednesdays 16:00 – 18:00
  • Saturdays 15:00 – 17:00

The Bunker Museum is located in the Peurunka area, opposite the spa, on the slope of the hill. Roadside parking is available.

For groups by request

You can book a guided tour for a group at the Bunker Museum in advance.

Guided tours by request at other times, with advance booking: €160 per hour.


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