Accessible Peurunka

At Peurunka, it’s easy to move around without obstacles, as nearly all our spaces are fully accessible. We also offer accessible accommodation options, such as hotel rooms equipped for individuals with disabilities, and one of our cottages is accessible as well. Accessibility isn’t just for those using wheelchairs or mobility aids; it’s also for parents with strollers and individuals needing assistance with mobility.

Public spaces

Our common areas are generally all accessible. It’s easy to move around corridors with a wheelchair, stroller, or other mobility aids. The public restroom facilities are also spacious enough to accommodate mobility aids or strollers. There are no thresholds, and the hallways, for example, are wide, and the elevators are spacious.

  • Spacious lobbies and corridors, no thresholds
  • Automatic opening of exterior doors
  • Ample space to move around in restaurant areas
  • Guests can easily access breakfast and other buffet tables even while seated in a wheelchair
  • Reception desk has a lower service point
  • Induction loops are available in Peurunka Arena, auditorium, and at the hotel reception
  • Access to meeting rooms is generally accessible with a few exceptions.

Parking and outdoor areas

In front of the spa hotel, there are plenty of parking spaces designated for people with mobility impairments, and they are located under a canopy. Additionally, there are designated parking spaces in front of the main entrance of the spa hotel and in front of the spa area, all with time-restricted parking.

The pathways in our outdoor areas are paved, and there is a paved route along the beach area.

It’s easy to visit the spa with accessibility in mind

Changing Rooms

  • Accessible entrance to the changing rooms (located on the same level as the spa and Bistro Nemo)
  • Raised toilet seat
  • Automatic doors to the changing rooms and shower facilities
  • Spacious and low lockers
  • Height-adjustable wide dressing area
  • Available lifting device and walker for loan
  • Spacious dressing areas

Shower Facilities and Spa Area

  • Shower wheelchairs available
  • Closest showers to accessible dressing area: four handheld showers and a wall-mounted folding shower seat
  • Saunas accommodate wheelchairs well, with low benches (steam sauna, women’s/men’s saunas, and infrared sauna)
  • Various lifts available for accessing the river pool and relaxation pool

Accessible Accommodation Options

From the main building of the spa hotel, cozy and accessible accommodation options are available for reservation:

Rooms equipped with assistive devices in Peuransarvi

Peuransarvi’s standard level accessible rooms are located in the newest row house completed in 2018, right in the immediate vicinity of the hotel’s main entrances. The rooms feature motorized beds, a television, hairdryer, accessible toilet/bathroom with support rails, linens, towels, and Wi-Fi. The rooms are well-suited for individuals using wheelchairs or other mobility aids. Nearby, there is a comfortable lounge terrace, and the rooms are connected to the main building of the spa hotel via a corridor.

Peuransarvi’s rooms are primarily intended for rehabilitation clients.

Accessible hotel rooms in the main building

Rooms equipped with assistive devices:

  • Spacious bathroom with elevated toilet seat
  • Support rails
  • Balcony
  • Electrically adjustable beds
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Accessible cottage Peurunkarinne 3

One of the cottages located by Lake Peurunkajärvi is accessible. The cottages at Peurunkarinne are fully equipped holiday homes.

The lower floor of the cottage features a living room-kitchen area, two bedrooms, sauna facilities, and a terrace. Upstairs, there are beds for two and a sitting area (accessed by stairs).

  • Accessible entry throughout the cottage except for the upstairs
  • Spacious bathroom
  • Accessible entry to the terrace
  • Spacious sauna
  • Covered parking space for the cottage

Please remember to mention during the booking phase if you require an accessible cottage.

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