Peurunka for businesses

Investing in the health and well-being of your employees is one of the best ways to invest in the future of your business. At its simplest, it could be an inspiring meeting day that includes an expert lecture. At the other end of the spectrum, the entire staff could receive long-term training to support their well-being. With our decades of experience, we can help you find the right solution, on the scale you want. When you want a meeting or business event that is successful down to the smallest detail, come to Peurunka and be inspired. Here you can experience real team spirit and become energized by new experiences and activities. Find new ideas and inspiration for your workplace community – choose a meeting package or design your own memorable event with our help.

Business events / Peurunka Areena

Peurunka Areena is able to host quite large events of up to 1,000 people. The arena can also be handily divided into two equal parts: for example, one half could be used as a conference space while the other half houses a small expo.

Professional event planning

Easy to come and stay the night

Arriving to Peurunka is easy. You find us in Laukaa, Central Finland, only 30 minutes away from Jyväskylä. We have great space for parking near our main entrance. With public transportation you will arrive to Peurunka easily from  Jyväskylä. Nearest train station is Matkakeskus Jyväskylä.

Meillä on runsaasti parkkitilaa heti päärakennuksen vieressä. Julkiset kulkuneuvot tuovat sinut myös suoraan hotellin pääsisäänkäynnin eteen. Lähin rautatieasema on Matkakeskus Jyväskylässä, jonne pääset ympäri Suomen myös busseilla. Peurunka has plenty of accommodation options – contact us for finding a best option for your party.

Many saunas for different needs

Is your favourite sauna our top floor sauna with a great view, relaxed lakeside sauna or modern Panorama-sauna in our spa? Prices start from 12,50 € / person!

Servings for your meeting

In Peurunka’s meetings you will enjoy a rich and varied coffee market at our restaurant.
You can drink your conference coffee while enjoying the lake views of our restaurant, or take your drink and delights with you to the conference rooms.
And of course conference room serving is possible also. Lunch will be enjoyed at the Peurunkello restaurant, which serves a wide range of tastes.

Meeting equipment

Peurunka has meeting facilities for every taste. Meeting rooms are equipped with up-to-date equipment and facilities.

Wireless microphones
Video projectors and computers
Extension cords

Conference activities and experiences at Peurunka

After a great productive meeting there are many refreshing activities to do.  Our professionals will organize a day with suitable experiences just for you.

Evening at Peurunka

Dine in our fine Peurankello restaurant. We can arrange dinner served to the table or a buffet dinner.

Interested? Contact us!