Pure, Natural and Relaxing – Sauna Yoga and Peat Treatment in the Finnish Heartlands

Melt away the tensions and fatigue. Feel the gentle heat of both infrared sauna and the pure peat treatment. Combine modern and traditional Finnish ways to alleviate the symptoms of stress.


Relaxing Sauna Yoga

Based on various types of yoga, Sauna Yoga is a 30-minute exercise done in our approximately 50ºC heated infrared sauna. It is one of the licensed sauna fitness systems developed by Saunayoga International Ltd.
You don’t need any previous experience as the excercises are done with our licenced professional instructors.

Sauna is entirely mobile free space, which is rare in the modern world. Thus exercising Sauna Yoga in this quiet environment offers you an unique experience far away from daily hustle and bustle.

You can wear a T-shirt and shorts during Sauna Yoga session but no shoes or socks.

Peurunka - Palvelut - Uinti 360

Spectacular panorama view!

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From pure nature to your skin

Peat body treatment is a traditional and organic Finnish way to make you feel completely relaxed. Peat significantly boosts metabolism and the bioactive substances in peat take care of your skin. After the peat body treatment you feel warm and completely relaxed.

The peat treatment is done by our professional cosmetologist with pure Finnish LehtoPeat®- natural peat that has been analysed by The Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) competence centre.

The room temperature peat is applied to the skin and then the body is wrapped in plastic covers and warm blanket for 20 minutes. After a shower, body oil is applied to the treated ares of skin.




Pure, Natural and Relaxing – Sauna Yoga and Peat Treatment in the Finnish Heartlands
300 e / person includes:

  • Two nights accommodation in a double room
  • Demi-pension for two nights (breakfasts and dinners or lunches)
  • Free use of spa and gym during the stay
  • Instructed Sauna Yoga session
  • Peat body treatment

Min. 2 person, two nights


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peurunka@peurunka.fi or call + 358 20 751 6300.

For extra charge you can add e.g.:
single room, additional day spa treatments, extra nights, meals and activities.
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Available all year round.
Min. 2 persons