Day Spa Nautilus

The Day Spa’s high-class treatments will take you away, relaxing every fibre of your being. Nautilus is conveniently located just off the lobby.

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Book a spa treatment

Book your Day Spa treatments here. For reservations, call: + 358 (0)20 751 6711. We are open: Mon-Fri 9:00am-6:00pm, Sat 9:am-5:00pm or according to a separate agreement.

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Cosmetics from Nautilus

We offer the top brands at affordable prices as well as cosmetics guidance. Pick something out for yourself or as a gift! We carry products from Boho Cometics, Ella Bache, Camillen 60, Mavala and Calvin Klein.

Ask about our seasonal offers!

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Hair salon Heidi Saarijoki

Relax and pamper yourself and your hair! Peurunka’s hair salon is located in the lobby of the main building.

Reservations tel. +358 (0)20 751 6741

Day Spa price list


Massage and various relaxation treatments will loosen your muscles and enhance your metabolism. Enjoy a classic massage or be daring and try a newer, softer type of treatment, such as a hot stone massage.

Classic massage

Relaxes muscle tension. You can choose either a full-body massage or target a specific area on your body.

Type Duration Price Mon-Fri/ Sat
Classic massage 25min 39€/42€
Classic massage 35min 50€/54€
Classic massage 50min 68€/72€
Parafango heat treatment + massage 40min 55€/58€
Parafango heat treatment during a massage 15min 17€/17€

Hot Stone massage

Massaging strokes using hot stones completely relaxes both mind and body. Aromatic oils are used. Not suitable for pregnant women.

Type Duration Price Mon-Fri/Sat
Hot Stone 35min 59€/65€
Hot Stone 60min 79€/83€

Other massages

Type Duration Price Mon-Fri/Sat
Massage and herbal whirlpool 20min+20min 56€/60€
Stress-relieving neck massage 35min 53€/57€
Indian head massage 35min 52€/55€
Zone therapy 35min 54€/58€
Aromatherapy 60min 78€/83€
Lymph therapy 50min 73€/78€
Relax massaging water mattress 20min 23€/25€
Relax massaging water mattress – two at the same time 20min 32€/35€

Ella Bache facial treatments

We use only the most high-end facial products from Ella Bache. Continue the treatments at home and buy them also for your home spa! We always give you also additional advice of how to treat your skin at home.

Type Duration Price Mon-Fri/Sat
NEW! Eternité- Firming & rejuvenating treatment 55 min 75€/80€
Detoxifying and purifying treatment for mature skin 1 h 15 min 80€/85€ +
Detoxifying and purifying treatment for young skin 55min 65€/70€
Moisturising facial treatment with tomato extract 35min 45€/50€
Blueberry treatment for sensitive and couperosa skin 45min 65€/70€
SpiruLines Lifting Facial Treatment 1h 30 min 110€/115€
Ultrasound facial treatment 55min 82€/87€
Snonoscrub peeling and face mask 40min 55€/60€
Exclusively for men facial treatment 30min 45€/50€
American shave 45min 60€/65€
For your eyes -treatment 25min 30€/35€



We will provide you with a professional makeup application for a special occasion or just because.

Type Duration Price Mon-Thu/Sat
Makeup for the day 25min 26€/28€
Makeup for special occasions 55min 60€/64€

Eyelashes and eyebrows

20% discount when combining a facial with eyelashes and eyebrows.

Type Duration Price Mon-Thu/Sat
Eyelash and eyebrow dyeing and shaping 30min 30€/32€
Eyelash dyeing 15min 25€/27€
Eyebrow dyeing + shaping 25min 26€/28€
Eyebrow shaping 15min 18€/19€
Eyelash permanent 60min 70€/74€

Manicure and pedicure treatments

The hands and feet are subjected to a great deal of strain every day, so special attention should be given to their well-being.

Type Duration Price Mon-Fri/Sat
Traditional pedicure 55min 64€/68€
Luxurious pampering for your feet 1h 15min 88€/94€
Quick-relief for your feet 25min 43€/46€
Soothing treatment for your hands 45min 50€/55€
Rescue for dry hands 25min 28€/30€
Gel nail polish 45min 45€/48€
Gel toenail polish 60 min 50€/55€
Rescue for dry hands and Relax massaging water mattress 35min 45€/50€

Body hair removal

Type Duration Price Mon-Fri/Sat
Face-lips 15min 18€/20€
Calves 30min 35€/40€

Body treatments

Enjoy luxurious body treatments, baths, peels and massages. You’ll feel rested and refreshed afterwards.

Type Duration Price Mon-Fri/Sat
Holiday kick-off 30min 49€/54€
Neck and decoltée treatment 45 min 40€/45€
Secret of the seas 60min 78€/83€

Water treatments

Water is very therapeutic for the entire body. Relax and surrender yourself to feeling good, setting your mind free.

Type Duration Price Mon-Fri/ Sat
Massaging herbal whirlpool 20min 26€/28€
Massaging herbal whirlpool – two at the same time 20min 44€/46€

Group treatments

Type Duration Price Mon-Fri/Sat
Pampering for ladies 6-8 persons 1 h 30 min 30€/35€ /person

Physiotherapist’s examinations

Type Duration Price Mon-Fri/Sat
Respecta Active lower limb examination 45min 62€/65€
Lower limb examination – insole control 15min 30€/35€
Pelvic floor muscles physiotherapy 60min 60€/65€

Possible cancellations: Should you need to cancel or reschedule, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance. Any cancellations with less than 24 hours of notice are subject to a cancelation fee of 50% of the cost of the scheduled service.

Hair Salon Heidi Saarijoki

Let our professionals pamper your hair! Whether you want to have a hair cut or some colour or curlies, we guarantee a refreshing moment! Booking in advance, tel. + 358 (0)400-152701.

Type Price Mon-Sat
Hair cut adults 29-38€
Hair cut chldren 25-27€
Curlies starting from. 100-145€
Colour (cut included) starting from 98-138€
Special hair treatment 40€
Hair micro analysis 20€

Day Spa business hours

Mon-Sat  open
Sun closed
Reservations tel +358 20 751 6711