Fatbikes for four seasons

Fatbikes are an extraordinary way to explore nature and outdoors year-round. Riding by fatbikes is easy and it suits to every one!
The bike rolls smoothly on every surfaces: on snow or on peat, on sand or on forest trails covered by roots and on any soft unstable terrain! This is a true 4 seasons sport!


Challenge the bike

Compared to an ordinary MTB, the fatbikes just love snow and sand, but are capable of traversing diverse terrain types including snow, sand, desert, bogs, mud, pavement, or traditional mountain biking trails. In winter, you may want to try some snow mobile tracks, snowy forest paths or snowdrift. During summer time take your fatbike to a sand esker, to finnish swamps or to a forest track cover By roots and rocks. You will be surprised in a positive way!


Fatbikes in Peurunka

Peurunka rents Felt dd 30 fatbikes. They suit to everyone, even for the most demading needs.

The bikes are located inside the Bistro Nemo where you may ask for more information.
Contact information>>>


Prices and availability

from 25 e / 2 h.
For rent as per Bistro Nemo’sopening hours >>>

Fatbike services offered by Peurunka together with Versona Oy