Registration for the competition will be open in 2nd of December 2020.

Races for both women and men according to age range
Breaststroke 25 meters with head above water
Breaststroke 50 meters with head above water
Mixed-team 4 x 25m relay race

In the Finnish Championships, the type of swimming is breaststroke or a 4 x 25 m breaststroke relay race.

European Championship posts are swam as mixed teams.

The same swimming performance is used in both Finnish Championships and European Championships, if you have registered for both of them in advance.


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Fri 5.2.2021

Breaststroke 50m (Finnish Championships)

Breaststroke 50m (European Championships)

Freestyle 50m (European Championships)

Sat 6.2.2021

Breaststroke 25m

Norppa and Kuutti series during the 1h break

Sun 7.2.2021

Freestyle 25m (Finnish Championships)

Freestyle 25m (European Championships)

4 x 25m medley (Finnish Championships)

4 x 25m Freestyle (European Championships)