Peurunka Oy

Peurunka – well-being expertise

Peurunka is a Finnish oasis of well-being. There are around 150 of us working at Peurunka, and we serve a total of approximately 300,000 Finnish and foreign visitors every year.

In Peurunka, you can relax and enjoy the healing effects of nature and water. In the warm embrace of the spa, you can forget about everyday stress and let the water renew you. In the middle of peaceful nature, you will feel refreshed and might even discover skills you never knew you had while trying out different exercise options. At Peurunka Areena, Finland’s top artists lift the mood, and Live Klubi’s dance evenings are an invitation to have fun and enjoy yourself.

With us, you can’t help but feel good!

The story of Peurunka

The story of Peurunka begun with a dream of well-being. Today, Peurunka has become a significant tourism destination in Finland, even from an international perspective.


The environment is important to us

The beautiful surroundings and clean nature of Peurunka create opportunities for relaxation, tranquillity and refreshment. Through environmentally responsible actions, we aim to preserve the uniqueness of nature and natural resources, and to promote human health and well-being. Environmental considerations and the principles of sustainable development guide all our decision-making and operations. Our values consist of customer orientation, environmental values and acting responsibly.

We set annual goals regarding, for example, the use of water, electricity and energy, as well as the sorting and recycling of waste. The achievement of these objectives is regularly monitored.

Peurunka performs better than the industry average in terms of energy efficiency.

Our heating system

Our new pellet heating plant, operated by Adven, was commissioned in the fall of 2019 and the water of the spa is now heated in a more climate-friendly way. With the new pellet heating plant, the carbon dioxide emissions resulting from heating the spa, ice rink and holiday apartments were reduced by more than 90 percent. The spa’s 7,500 square metre main building, 3000–4500 cubic metres of pool and washing water, the ice rink and the holiday apartments are heated using Finnish wood pellets as fuel. The pellets are currently sourced from the nearby wood processing industry. The technology of the new heating plant was also ordered from a local company in Kyyjärvi, about 100 km from Peurunka.

Lapset uima-altaassa.
Nainen ja lapsi tarjoilupöydän äärellä.

We also think about the environment when we make purchases

We buy local produce and products made by local companies whenever possible. We also take the environment into account in our construction and renovation projects. When it comes to purchasing machinery, equipment and tools, we emphasize energy efficiency, respect for the environment, and sustainability. We avoid disposable products and packaging.

Recycling and sustainable development goals

We sort and recycle paper and cardboard, glass, energy waste, metals, bio-waste, bottles and any hazardous waste. We recycle used furniture and textiles, and also donate them for use in the third sector. In addition to disinfection with chlorine, the spa’s pool water is purified using a sand cleaning system, ultraviolet light and enzymes. All of our wastewater is discharged into the municipal network, where it is properly treated.

Our customers can influence the environment through their choices

We make it possible for our customers to participate in environmentally responsible activities such as sorting waste, using car heater sockets with clock switches, adjusting room temperature and air conditioning themselves, etc. We have also taken public transportation into account. Peurunka is easy to reach by bus.

Environmental values and supporting the local economy guide our partnerships

We require our suppliers of services or products to have an environmentally responsible operating model and appropriate environmental management systems. We purchase our services from local companies whose approach to the environment is in line with our values, e.g. Ilveslahden siivous Oy, Comforta Oy (annual textile service responsibility report) and Wihuri Oy Aarnio (a responsible wholesaler near us, with a long history). The heat for our properties is produced by a heating plant located in our area and run by Adven Oy, where the energy is produced with environmentally friendly wood pellets sourced from Central Finland.

An active approach to environmental issues

We closely monitor the development of environmental issues in Finland and worldwide. We are involved in the development of building services, control systems, heat recovery, etc. We train our and our partners’ staff on how to operate responsibly.

The Peurunka tourism region is growing

Peurunka is much more than just buildings and facilities. Together with its the surrounding areas, Peurunka forms a diverse tourism region, which is only a 20-minute drive from Jyväskylä. There are more than 20 companies in the area that provide services to both tourists and local operators. You will also have access to a wide range of tourism services throughout the entire Jyväskylä region.

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