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We want your stay in Peurunka to be memorable – good feeling and experiences are created by our services that are most suitable for you.

Read more about Peurunga’s general practices and our extensive services here. Feel free to ask our staff for more information, we are here for you!

Warm welcome,

the people of Peurunka

Important contact information

Reception +358 20 751 6700
Open 24 hours

Restaurant +358 20 751 6751
Table reservations

Bistro Nemo and spa +358 20 751 6802
Sport reservations

Sales service +358 20 751 6300

General emergency number 112

Call fee 8.35 cents/call + 16.69 cents/min


Available in our restaurant daily.

Check the timetable at the hotel reception.


Room cleaning

In order to save the environment, the daily cleaning of the room is done after a stay of more than 3 days.

If you need additional cleaning or e.g. changing towels more often, please contact the hotel reception.

Check out

Check out by 12 noon on the day of departure. You can go to spa after that if you wish.

For a later departure, you can use the luggage storage at the hotel reception. You can also ask the reception for a later handover of the room.


A free wi-fi is available in Peurunka’s premises, also in the accommodation rooms. Does not apply to Peurunkamäki economy hotel.


Did you forget your toothbrush or bathers? Souvenirs, textiles, seasonal products, swimwear and kiosk products for sale in the Puodi in the hotel’s reception hall.

At the hotel reception, you can also buy small snacks, cafe products and mild alcoholic beverages, which you can take to your room.

Lost and found

Ask the hotel reception immediately. Found goods are delivered to the Finnish Lost and Found Service.

More info


Smoking is prohibited inside hotel rooms and apartments, as well as on balconies and terraces. This causes smoke and odor nuisance for other customers of the house and can cause an alarm.

We are a non-smoking place. Smoking is prohibited in all of our indoor areas.

Smoking places are near the main doors of the spa and hotel. Avoid smoking too close to doors.

In other areas, e.g. the beach area, we ask that you consider our other visitors and be careful when it comes to putting out cigarettes.

Peurunka’s restaurants


Available in our restaurant daily.

Check the service times at the reception.

Apollo Bar

Apollo Bar serves in the hotel lobby. Opening hours vary seasonally.
Karaoke and quiz nights!

Check the opening hours at the reception.


Our restaurant serves delicious food and drinks.

Peurankello and Pata&Pannu are open depending on the seasons. Check the opening hours at the reception.

Summer terrace

The summer terrace is open during the summer. Refreshing drinks available,

Bistro Nemo

Bistro Nemo serves in connection with the spa and is open daily. Café services are available as well as pizza, burgers and e.g. salad portions.

Spa and sauna


The pool section with whirlpools, saunas, and slides can be used by the hotel’s customers according to the opening hours and reservation confirmation with a wristband received from the hotel’s reception.

In the spa daily, e.g. Hydrohex water jumps!


Our newest gym in the lobby of the spa (2nd floor) is equipped with high-quality TechnoGym weight equipment, as well as up-to-date aerobic equipment suitable for warming up and endurance training.

In the gym next to the bowling alley, you can find the HUR equipment equipped with air pressure resistance, which is easy to use and training goes smoothly. The devices are also particularly well suited for the needs of rehabilitation.

On the ground floor of the hotel there is a gym, where you can find equipment for training with free weights. Here, e.g. barbells, leg squat, bench press, dumbbells.


A 4-lane bowling alley in the lobby of the spa. Reservations from Bistro Nemo, tel. +358 20 751 6802.

Safety and environment

Safety and environment

Environment and recycling
Our heat energy is mainly produced with bioenergy (pellets). In an unbiased energy efficiency comparison, we clearly outperform the industry average. We recycle and sort our waste.
Heating system
The new pellet heating plant operated by Adven was commissioned in the fall of 2019, and the spa is now bathed in more climate-friendly heated water.

With the new pellet heating plant, carbon dioxide emissions caused by heating the spa, ice rink and holiday homes fell by more than 90 percent.

The 7,500 square meter premises of the spa hotel’s main building, 3,000-4,500 cubic meters of pool and washing water, the ice rink and the holiday apartments are heated with domestic wood pellets. The fuel, i.e. pellets, is currently purchased from the nearby wood processing industry. The technology of the new heating center is also from the nearby area, more than a hundred kilometers from Kyyjärvi.
Safety instructions

Carefully study the evacuation map found in the room.
* find out the location of the nearest exit, e.g. the stairwell leading out, as well as alternative routes
* find out the location of the nearest alarm buttons and fire extinguishers
* find out the phone number of the hotel reception

• notify the reception or call the emergency number 112
• if the fire is small or limited, use the nearest fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire
• save people who are visible and in danger – but also take care of your own safety
• leave the hotel room as soon as possible, close the door and windows and take the key with you; you may have to return to your room due to the smoke, in which case you will need a key
• exit by the nearest possible route and go to the meeting place outside in front of the hotel reception
• do not use the elevator
• if you cannot put out the fire or if the hallway is filled with smoke, stay in your room
• close the room door carefully

• call reception on 020 751 6700 or emergency number 112 and clearly state your room number and location
• also report if you are unable to leave the room on your own or if you use mobility aids, a wheelchair, rollator, etc.
• if necessary, support the lower edge of the door and the ventilation openings with wet towels
• move everything that can catch fire away from the door and window
• in a smoky room, it is safest, the best visibility and the easiest to breathe as close to the floor as possible
• if smoke enters the room from the door or ventilation openings, open the window or balcony door
• show yourself in the window or on the balcony, if it is safe
• do not jump from the window or balcony – wait for the instructions of the rescue personnel

Our hotel rooms have an automatic addressable fire alarm system, from which an automatic alarm is sent forward.
Our staff is trained to act in emergency situations.
Always follow the instructions of the staff and rescue personnel in fire alarm situations.

If necessary, ask the hotel reception for more information about safety and rescue issues.
Automatic fire alarm system
Our hotel rooms have an automatic addressable fire alarm system, from which an automatic alarm is sent forward.
Our staff is trained to act in emergency situations.
Always follow the instructions of the staff and rescue personnel in fire alarm situations.

If necessary, ask the hotel reception for more information about safety and rescue issues.

Activities in Peurungassa

Peurunka is suitable for children!

In addition to the versatile spa, Peurunga has several activities suitable for the whole family. A variety of indoor and outdoor activities, such as bowling and frisbee golf, keep the little ones’ energy levels high in all seasons.


Peurunga has an indoor children’s play area and an outdoor play area with a swing, a slide and a climbing frame.

Board games can be borrowed from the hotel reception.


Slides 130 m and 60 m, a small slide for children
Children’s pool and baby bungee pool
River track 100 m
Jacuzzis, pampering pool
Wibit in the central pool


Take the youngest members of the family along to go bowling too. There is a ramp in the bowling alley, where you can speed up the ball and hit the sides if you want.


There is a popular Frisbeegolf course in our area, where the whole family can have a good time. Frisbeegolf is also a favorite among young people!


You can also rent Fatbikes from us and explore the area at a faster pace. Fatbikes are also available in children’s sizes!


Rent a sup-board, rowing boat or canoe and go to the lake!


The swimming beach has fine sand with shallow water, which is also suitable for water games for the smaller ones in the family.


The beach world and water park opened in the summer of 2022 is a favorite of the whole family!