Test your fitness level with the UKK Walk Test

This 2 km walking test, developed by the UKK Institute, measures the performance of your cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Based on the results, we will determine your fitness index and give you exercise recommendations. The tester will go through the results with you and give you tips about exercising. You will also receive the results in a printed form.

The UKK Walk Test uses heart rate to measure endurance, aka the capacity of your cardiovascular and respiratory systems. It can be used as an indicator of aerobic fitness in relation to health and the ability to function. The result of the 2 km Walk Test is based on an estimate of maximal oxygen uptake and is expressed in the form of a fitness index.

The Walk Test is designed for people aged 20–65, and it is an ideal option for testing large groups in a short time.

How should you prepare for the Walk Test?

  • avoid strenuous physical activity during the day before the test
  • avoid drinking alcohol 24 hours before the test
  • coffee and caffeine containing products, as well as smoking, should be avoided for at least 4 h before the test
  • the test takes place outside; wear appropriate clothing and good shoes
  • Remember that you need to be healthy for this test. Persons who are sick or have just been sick are not allowed to take the test.

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