Muscle tone affects the upright position of the body and the overall posture. People with back problems often have weak stomach and/or back muscles. Poor muscle tone in the upper limbs is connected to the ability to function in everyday life, as well as to pain at the core of the body, especially in the back. Muscle tone of the lower limbs, on the other hand, is important to, for example, maintaining the ability to function and get around.

Muscle tone tests determine the muscular endurance of the abdominal and back muscles as well as the muscles of the upper and lower limbs through various repetition tests. Peurunka offer a variety of the most common muscle tone testing systems, so the one that best suits your needs can be selected. You will receive both written and oral feedback.

How should you prepare for your analysis?

  • avoid strenuous physical activity during the day before the test
  • wear light and flexible clothing

Additionally, we offer squeezing power, mobility and balance testing – contact us for more information!

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