Find out your body composition

We measure your body composition with the InBody 720 device, based on bioimpedance. You will receive a printed test report, and the tester will go through the results with you and give you tips on exercise and nutrition.

BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) is a method of analysing body composition by passing a small electrical current through the body. Since electricity is only conducted by water contained in the body, the composition of the body can be calculated by measuring impedance, i.e. the body’s resistance to electric current.

Body composition is measured in five segments, using multi-frequency electric current. Measuring segment by segment is important, because different parts of the body (for example, the abdomen vs. an arm or a leg) have different impedances.

Who is the analysis meant for?

  • For all adults who are interested in their health and want additional exercise and healthy eating motivation.

Why should YOU have an InBody analysis performed?

  • To find out your healthy ideal weight goal and your body’s fat/ muscle/bone ratios.

Monitoring changes through follow-up analyses

  • Have you taken up regular exercise or are you aiming to get rid of excess weight? Regular follow-up analyses are a reliable way to see how your body is changing.

How should you prepare for your analysis?

  • to achieve more accurate results, do not eat for four hours before the analysis
  • bare feet, no heavy clothing
  • the measurements are taken in approx. 2 minutes, after which you will receive feedback
  • the analysis is not suitable for people who have a pacemaker


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