Measuring the fitness index – a simple and pleasant way to test fitness

Easy and sweat-free – regardless of your fitness level. You may have heard about the fitness index in relation to the “SuomiMies seikkailee” and “Matka hyvään kuntoon” truck tours. It is a low-threshold health fitness measurement. The clear and easy-to-read report is easy to compare with the results of the corresponding demographic reference group. Measurement of the fitness index can be performed on large groups, but the test is also well suited for individual testing or testing people who are hesitant to participate in fitness testing.

The test includes

  • a health questionnaire
  • body composition analysis using the InBody 720
  • determination of maximal oxygen uptake with the Polar® resting heart rate analysis
  • squeezing power measurement
  • measurement of the waist circumference
  • written and oral test feedback

How should you prepare for the test?

  • wear everyday clothes (no sweating or exercise involved)
  • easy to do, for example, during a work or meeting day
  • for the body composition analysis, it is advisable to avoid eating, smoking, coffee and other caffeine-containing drinks 4 hours before the analysis
  • body composition analysis is not available for people who have a pacemaker

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