The bicycle ergometer test provides information on your aerobic fitness

The test measures the condition of your heart and vascular system. The indirect submaximal test is used to create an estimate of maximal oxygen uptake. Based on the results, a personal exercise program with recommendations for different heart rate zones will be created. The ergometer test is suitable for people exercising for health reasons and wanting to improve their fitness.

How the test is done

During the test, you pedal a bicycle ergometer while the resistance is increased every 3–4 minutes. The goal is to achieve at least 85% of the age-appropriate maximum heart rate or a previously measured maximum heart rate. During the test, your electrocardiogram, heart rate and blood pressure are monitored. Thus, the test also serves as an excellent way of determining the condition of your cardiovascular system.

The test includes

  • a health questionnaire
  • an indirect progressive submaximal bicycle ergometer test
  • continuous EKG monitoring
  • blood pressure monitoring
  • written and oral test feedback and exercise instructions

How should you prepare for your test?

  • avoid strenuous physical activity during the day before the test
  • avoid drinking alcohol 24 hours before the test
  • coffee and caffeine containing products, as well as smoking, should be avoided for at least 4 h before the test
  • Remember that you need to be healthy for this test. Persons who are sick or have just been sick are not allowed to take the test.

Package deal: bicycle ergometer test + body composition assessment €85/person.

The test can be done for groups of max. 4 people at the same time.

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