At Peurunka Spa, you can enjoy guided water exercise in groups in both the morning and the evening. The temperature of the middle pool is 30 degrees Celsius. The water exercise classes are 40–50 minutes long. Swimming skill is not required.

Pool exercise
Morning pool exercise is a versatile and invigorating start to your morning. Enjoy the water and wake your body up with exercises that are suitable for everyone. The duration is approx. 40–45 min.

Allas-Lavis® is a great form of water exercise. It combines the benefits of water exercise with the joys of dancing. Get your heart pumping and strengthen your muscles while enjoying songs you know from open-air dancing events! In our Allas-Lavis classes, the focus is on having a fun atmosphere!

Aqua Box
Water exercise that resembles fitness boxing, activates your whole body and gets your heart pumping. You can adjust the challenge level depending on your needs. Offered periodically.

Aqua Circuit
Circuit training in the pool. Suitable for many types of exercisers – you can adjust the challenge level of this effective interval training by using different types of exercise equipment. Offered periodically. A popular well-being at work activity.

Aqua Rhythm water exercise
An fun and immersive water exercise class with and without equipment, with different music genres. Includes elements of dance. The duration is approx. 50 min. A popular well-being at work activity.

Aqua Zumba
Zumba in the water, with rhythmic music. A pleasant water exercise class that is suitable for everyone and will get you smiling. Offered periodically.

This energetic interval workout in the pool will help you make the most of a short time. The movements are aimed at maximal performance, so the workout is not suitable for people with heart conditions. The class is mostly based on the resistance of the water, though we may use equipment at times.

Water aerobics
A versatile guided pool exercise class. This fun and joint-friendly class helps you strengthen your muscles and suits everyone. At times, the class may also include water running, with water running belts or running on the bottom of the pool. Swimming skill is not required. We may use different types of water exercise equipment. At the end of the class, there is some stretching. A popular well-being at work activity.

Water running workout
This water running workout is a guided interval exercise where the work is done in short periods. Therefore, it is also suitable for people who have cardiac or breathing-related symptoms. We welcome you to the group, whether you are a first-timer trying out water exercise or looking for a new addition your weekly training schedule. The class includes stretching at the end, and on some days, we do some water aerobics in addition to water running. We have a variety of different water running belts that you can try.

Swimming school for adults

Improve your swimming skills in a group! A group is formed once enough people express their interest. Contact our exercise services.

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