Fast-paced fun and new experiences

Superfutis is a new type of ballgame that more than 1000 happy customers have already tried in Central Finland. In this game, you tackle the other players while everyone is wearing a bubble suit – and occasionally someone may even kick at a ball. The main goal is to have fun with a great group of friends! According to our customers, they enjoy Superfutis because it is fun, new and extreme in its own way.

We think everyone should experience this – come and give it a go!

Indoors or outdoors, all seasons

At Peurunka, Superfutis can be played outdoors on indoors. The game’s rules are loosely based on football (soccer). In the summer, the game is played on a lawn, and it can also be played outside in the snow if the temperature is not too far below zero. Indoors, the game is played at Peurunka Areena.

Anyone that weighs less than 120 kg and is between 140–200 cm tall can play.

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