In winter, there are a good variety of ski tracks around Peurunka. The tracks connect with the Metsoreitistö trail network, maintained by the municipality of Laukaa and the region of Central Finland. The tracks lead all the way to Jyväskylä. A majority of the tracks also have lighting. There are tracks for both traditional skiing and skate skiing. For one-day visitors, Peurunka’s spa world a wide variety of skiing routes, and a chance to pamper your muscles in a hot tub afterwards. Near the shore of the lake there are hills and skiing tracks that the children enjoy.

Ski track information

Route descriptions

Ski track maps for the area surrounding Peurunka are available at the Bistro Nemo exercise service desk.

Valopeura 2.6 km, has lighting, moderate (sawdust track)
Particularly suitable for Sunday skiers and those who feel that a few road crossings do not disturb their skiing pleasure too much. You can ski in both the traditional and skating styles. There are two uphill sections in the route. Be careful when crossing roads. Especially when coming down to the hotel, remember to exercise caution when crossing Kangastie road – the track leads across the road while sloping, so get ready to stop and follow the warning signs. The slope also has a 400 m section that has less lighting.

Pikkupeura 2.3 km, partial lighting, easy
An easier option than Valopeura. Starts from the upper hut towards Isopeura and forks to the left towards the Peltolenkki field. On the field, there is a pleasant downward slope towards the road. From the field, there is a short (20 m) but fairly intense climb back to Valopeura.


Isopeura 8.2 km, has lighting, challenging (forest track)
Has lighting during the skiing season. You can ski in both the traditional and skating styles. Mostly follows the Metsoreitti trail.  There are two fairly noteworthy uphill sections, and the downhill parts are quite steep as well. Check the track profile by clicking on the track information link below.

Metsoreitti, has lighting
Has lighting during the skiing season. You can ski in both the traditional and skating styles. Ski towards the north or the south – create a day trip that matches your fitness level.
Metsoreitti, north: Peurunka–Laukaa–Kuusaa–Äijälä–Haapala
Metsoreitti south: Peurunka–Laukaa–Vihtavuori–Tiituspohja–Ampujien maja

Ski track on ice, 4.5 km / one way
Available during the skiing season, if the weather permits and there is ice. The snowmobile track and the ski track start from the Peurunka lakeshore hut and stop at the foot of Multamäki. There are usually wide snowmobile tracks in the middle of the lake that can also be used for skiing.

Check the ski track information page to see current ski track status!

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