At Peurunka, the Saunayoga ® exercises are done while sitting in an infrared sauna, where the temperature is approx. 50 degrees. This form of exercise is suitable for anyone who is able to spend time in a moderately warm sauna. The pleasant heat of the sauna and the gentle yoga movements effectively reduce tension in the body and relax the mind. The postures strengthen the muscles of the core and legs, increase the mobility of the spine and hips and stretch the muscles of the upper body and buttocks. In addition, they boost metabolism, reduce stress and help you sleep better.

Prepare: Avoid eating 1.5–2 hours before the exercise. Drink a couple of glasses of water before the Saunayoga ®. Shower before going into the sauna. You can wear, for example, shorts and a sleeveless top. Bring to the sauna: a drinking bottle and a sweat towel.

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30 min.

90 €

+ spa ticket for a group price of 12 € / person

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020 751 601

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