Our gymnasiums are suitable for many uses. We arrange both one-time bookings and bigger tournaments for many different sports.  Peurunka is the ideal place to organize, for instance, junior team camps, as the necessary services for the players and guardians can be found under one roof. Even the ice rink is located across the yard!

Peurunka Areena

  • floorball, with or without a rink
  • indoor football
  • volleyball, 2 courts can be used simultaneously
  • badminton, 3 courts


  • volleyball, 1 court
  • sitting volleyball
  • badminton, 1 court
  • floorball in a space suitable for children

Indoor ball game courts

Badminton court

20 €


40 €


60 €

Floorball with a rink (A or B)(A tai B)

100 €

Arena without equipment (A or B)an varusteita (A tai B)

55 €


60 €

Spinning hall

60 €

Ask for availability

020 751 601

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