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Confirm your participation at the Bistro Nemo service desk touch screen at least 5 minutes before the class begins. The receipt you will receive is the “entry ticket” for the lesson, so you should take the confirmation receipt to the instructor. One-time customers must pay in advance at Bistro Nemo to get their confirmation receipt.

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Harmonic classes

These are body maintenance classes with a focus on listening to your body, stretching and relaxation. They work well both as stand-alone classes and in combination with other classes.

Asahi health exercise

Asahi is a gentle and simple form of health exercise where most movements are performed while standing. The Asahi movement series are divided into five categories: relaxation, neck–shoulder exercises, back exercises, leg and balance exercises, and exercises that aim to balance breathing and calm the mind. Because the movements are simple, it is typically possible to reach a smooth flow of movements and smooth transitions between the movements quite quickly in these classes.


Fascial consists of dynamic movement exercises based on the concept of myofascial chains. The goal is to improve strength, balance, coordination and mobility. This active and functional mobility training is aimed at improving the overall well-being of the body, without forgetting calmness and relaxation.


These classes offer a flowy and dynamic yoga experience. Mobility, strength and relaxation in one package! You do not need to have previous yoga experience.

Hatha yoga

This form of exercise is suitable for anyone interested in dynamic yoga. To start with, the body is awakened through a series of sun salutations, which are then followed by more powerful strengthening and stretching movements (asanas). The workout ends with calming and relaxing movements on the floor and, finally, full relaxation.

Yoga for everyone

Gentle and simple yoga based on the principles of Hatha yoga. These classes are well suited for those who want to try out yoga for the first time. In terms of starting positions and movements, these classes are designed for participants of different body types, sizes, and mobility patterns. A good choice as a well-being at work activity, as well.


Indoor activity where you can learn about shooting a recurve bow, in both theory and practice. If the group so wishes, some sessions can also take place outside. Improves muscle control and concentration. Suitable for groups with a maximum of 12 persons.

Body maintenance classes

A gentle and effective body maintenance class with some yoga and Pilates elements, which teach you to benefit from timing your breathing right. Includes a lot of stretching and core-strengthening movements. At times, we also use trigger rollers or Pilates rollers. Both couch potatoes and experienced exercisers should include this class in their schedule at least once a week! The class is suitable for anyone that is able to get down onto the floor.


Pilates is a body control method whose primary goal is to encourage optimal functional posture by strengthening the abdominal area, learning to move in a physiologically correct way and breathing deeper. The lesson includes powerful Pilates exercises that improve core control and strengthen the deep muscles of the body with the help of effective breathing techniques. A very good form of body maintenance for people with back problems or other similar issues.

Power yoga

An athletic and dynamic form of yoga that will get your heart pumping and strengthen your core. In these classes, breathing is used to connect the movements and postures into a set that improves posture and strengthens the body. About 20% of the class consists of stopping, 50% of dynamic standing movements, 30% of gentle movements on the floor. Class duration is either 50 minutes or 75 minutes.


A 30-minute exercise that is done while sitting in Peurunka’s 50-degree infrared sauna. The gentle Saunapilates workout will relax your back and strengthen your neck and shoulder muscles in a gentle way. The silence of the sauna and the Pilates-based exercises will relax and strengthen your body. The exercises are particularly well suited for those whose backs are strained by sitting in an office or by tough workouts. Wear clean shorts or short training pants and a tank top or sleeveless shirt. Shower before and after the exercises.

Saunayoga ®

30 minutes. Saunayoga is a 30-minute yoga session, based on different types of yoga, that is done while sitting in Peurunka’s 50-degree infrared sauna. It has a deeply relaxing effect and stimulates your blood circulation and metabolism. Wear clean shorts or short training pants and a tank top or sleeveless shirt. Shower before and after the exercises. Read more.

Shindo ® relaxing stretching exercises

An effective way of relieving stress that you have already accumulated, as well as maintaining the flexibility and preventing the build-up of tension. The Shindo stretching exercises influence the body’s energy pathways – known as meridians – removes blockages, balances the body and relaxes the lower back, shoulder area and legs. The exercises are simple, and they are done at a calm and peaceful pace while listening to one’s body.


A relaxing stretching session, perfect after a run or other exercise, or by itself to improve mobility.

Stretch & Relax

A relaxing stretching session, perfect after a run or other exercise, or by itself to improve mobility. The workout ends with a relaxation exercise.

Yin Yoga

This class is based on calming Yin Yoga asanas. In Yin Yoga, the postures are held for long periods of time without relaxing. You do not need to have previous experience with yoga to participate. The asanas have a stretching effect on the target muscles and connective tissue, which are kept fully relaxed. Yin Yoga is particularly good for increasing the mobility of the back and joints, improving posture and relaxing.

Trigger rolling

The class consists of self-care, mobility and balance exercises. For the most part, we use a foam roller to release trigger points, acupoints and painful areas. The exercise aims to return the body to an optimal state where there are as few blockages as possible. A good option for recovery and body maintenance.


Guys are flexible too – but not necessarily in the same way as the ladies. Äijäjooga is a simple form of hatha yoga, with the starting positions and movements specifically tailored to suit male participants. These classes are well suited for people who feel quite stiff but would like to improve their mobility. A popular well-being at work activity.


Our strength classes help you develop your muscles through a variety of low-threshold gym circuits or more demanding Crossi and Hiitti classes.

Bosu training

Bosu is a half ball developed for exercise use. It is especially good for improving balance and core muscle strength. In addition to the core, Bosu can help you train any muscle group: for example, basic squats and lunges will be much more challenging with Bosu. At Peurunka, we often use this tool in circuit training or other muscle training.

Box & Core

Intense interval training that includes boxing, especially good for strengthening your core. Energetic boxing exercises alternate with strength training, and at the end we take a moment to stretch.


Circuit-type strength training with different types of equipment. The exercises are designed to increase the heart rate in intervals, so the class is suitable for people at different levels of fitness. The class includes a short warm-up and some stretching at the end.


These effective muscle training classes focus on the core of the body (back muscles, transverse abdominal muscles, straight and oblique abdominal muscles). The class is suitable for people at different levels of fitness. The class includes 15–20 minutes of stretching at the end. Ideal as a final exercise of the day, for example. We often also combine core training with other classes, for example Spin FIT 45´+ Core 15´ on Saturdays.

Core & Booty

In these classes, the core training is complemented by a booty workout. Choose these classes when you want a fit body and booty. The class includes 10–15 minutes of stretching at the end.


A form of exercise that aims at even and varied development. It will improve your strength, endurance, speed and mobility. Crossi has been created in Peurunka, and it is a “cousin” of the hugely popular CrossFit. The exercises are easy to adjust depending on the participants’ fitness level.

Fitnessbag ® workout changed to Bägitreeni

Fitnessbag/Bägitreeni is an exercise tool resembling a punching bag and weighing 5, 10, 15 or 20 kg. It has all the best features of a kettlebell, a fitness ball, a weighted bar and a punching bag. By making use of dynamic and rotational movements, the Fitnessbag can be used to imitate many movements that are needed in various sports or everyday life. Fitnessbag is extremely versatile and well suited for beginners, as well. Our classes are built upon three-movement sets where the basic movement is developed up to the third movement. Logical, easy and efficient, no step patterns. Come and give it a try!

Gymstick ® workout

A training tool that combines a stick with a rubber band. This simple and effective training tool can be used to train the large muscle groups while also strengthening the posture muscles. In addition, it helps you improve balance, mobility and muscle coordination. The resistance (aka “weight”) can be adjusted quickly by twisting the rubber band around the stick. The Gymstick’s resistance can be adjusted between 1–30 kg by switching between the different-coloured rubber bands. At Peurunka, we often use this tool in circuit training or other muscle training. A good wellbeing at work option for groups consisting of men.

FX Jiujitsu

Exercises that will improve your coordination, strength and mobility, and you can expect to learn new skills, too! The class includes: a warm-up with BJJ exercises, stretching and mobility exercises, learning the techniques, pair work depending on the techniques, and a fun competition based on BJJ rules. The winner will be crowned as the company’s undisputed BJJ guru! The exercises take place on a safe FoelDeck tatami, which provides a sturdy but soft platform for the active parts of the class.

Bodyweight exercise  

Bodyweight training challenges your body with a variety of effective movements from the worlds of martial arts and gymnastics. In this class, you get to challenge your body through body control exercises that are selected according to your fitness level. In particular, the movements performed during these classes will help you improve core control, balance, muscle coordination and dynamic mobility. If you are not familiar with bodyweight exercise, you will definitely find some “new” muscles! Some of the exercises are done in pairs. The exercises take place on an elastic wrestling mat. Come to class with a relaxed attitude and a twinkle in your eye!

Fitness boxing

An effective and fairly sweaty workout where we knock out calories, improve agility and provide the muscles of the upper body with the dynamic movements that are often missing in everyday life. After a shared interval-type warm-up, it is time for the technique practice, followed by muscle training (often in the form of circuit training), and short stretching or relaxation exercises. Ideal as a relaxation method for people suffering from neck and shoulder symptoms – free your mind and body after a long day at work.

Gym circuit

A strength training session at the gym, mainly using on gym equipment. At the beginning of the class, you will receive instructions on how to use the gym equipment, followed by a shared warm-up session, a guided fitness circuit, and shared cool-down/stretching. Beginner-friendly group, no need to hesitate! The duration is 50 or 60 min.

Gym course for men

There tends to be only a few men in gym circuits. This group is aimed specifically at men who are hesitant to engage in guided group exercise due to the perception that these groups only consist of women. In this group, we teach you to use gym equipment safely and efficiently – without forgetting the core of strength training, aka controlled but continuous improvement. Even if you have gym experience, this course may give you a new perspective on working out.

Gym instruction

One of Peurunka’s gym instructors will introduce the gym equipment and explain the principles of working out at the gym. The instructor will stay for the agreed period of time to provide tips and instructions. A popular well-being at work activity.

Peurunka Combat

Peurunka combat is a fast-paced workout that increases your heart rate and improves your muscular fitness. The workout includes a variety of kicks and punches. No boxing gloves or punching bags are used in these classes.

Peurunka Hiitti – interval training for glutes and abdominal muscles

The perfect class for a busy person – 45 min, the active workout time is only half an hour. Let’s shape you up. This class will have you feeling the heat in no time. For the most part, the class consist of bodyweight exercises, but we may also use a variety of exercise equipment. From a technical perspective, the movements are simple. The challenge arises when we do interval-type maximal work sets and only have short rest periods between the movements. This class is perfect for people looking for a hardcore workout. Test your lactic acid tolerance, gain muscle strength, lift your butt, flatten your stomach and burn fat faster in these classes!

Peurunka Kahva

A versatile and highly effective form of strength training with kettlebells that delivers results quickly. Most of the time we use music to give rhythm to the exercises. Strengthens both limb and core muscles. Particularly suitable for those who want a challenging workout, but the 4–32 kg kettlebell can also be picked up with the sheer force of will! Peurunka Kahva does not aim at kettlebell competitions – it is a fitness class suitable for everyone who wants to improve their functional fitness.

Peurunka Pumppi

In this pump class, familiar weightlifting and gym training exercises have been brought into group exercise classes. In this class, we activate all of the muscle groups throughout the body, using plate weights and a step platform. You can choose the weights yourself, thus influencing the intensity of your workouts and tracking your own development. The classes do not involve step patterns. There is a short stretching session at the end.


Pilates and boxing: two different worlds brought together by groovy dance sessions. See a more in-depth description under “dance exercise classes”

Gym for seniors

Going to the gym can prevent many problems that aging tends to cause. Although all of Peurunka’s gym circuits are also suitable for older people, it is sometimes more enjoyable to train with your own age group. In this class, you will receive detailed instructions on how to use the gym equipment, and as we progress, we will do guided gym equipment circuit training. A low-threshold group that we encourage everyone to try out! Combining this class with a morning water aerobics class is a great idea.


Indoor Cycling improves the performance of your cardiovascular and respiratory systems, is an effective way of burning fat and is particularly good for strengthening your thighs and buttocks.
We have a fabulous SpinningStudio, 24 modern Tomahawk spinning bikes + 1 instructor bike, plenty of space, professional and innovative instructors, a great sound system and a huge screen. The studio can also be used for combination classes.
Come and give it a go!

Iisi Spin 25´, 30´ or 45´

Indoor cycling is easy to start with the Iisi Spin classes, which involve fewer intervals where you stand up than other classes. The class consists of a fast cycle of strenuous intervals and recovery intervals. Class duration can be either 25 min or 30 min, or even 45 min. The longest class includes 7–10 minutes of stretching. For the other classes, the stretching session is shorter. These classes work well as a warm-up for other classes or a cool-down or recovery exercise at the end of the day.

Spin Fit 25´, 30´ or 45´

This is a fitness-improving class where you do not need a lot of cycling experience. Most of the fitness improvement lessons are at this level of strenuousness. By changing the tempo and resistance of the cycling and the cycler’s position, the class can provide an appropriate challenge for both the experienced and less experienced indoor cyclers. The more strenuous intervals are mostly performed while sitting, but there are more intervals that involve standing than in the Iisi classes.

Spin Fit 30´+ Circuit 45´

A very popular combination class that has turned out to be highly effective. The class starts with a 30 min Spin Fit warm-up on the bike, with the goal of increasing the heart rate and stimulating breathing. This is followed by a 45 min circuit session aimed at muscle training. The circuit session also includes 5–10 minutes of stretching at the end.

Spin Fit 45´ + Core 15

A popular combination class – it is advisable to book your class well in advance. The class begins with a 45-minute Spin Fit session on a bike, with the goal of getting you sweating and stimulating breathing. This is followed by 15 minutes of effective core exercises. At the end of the class, a moment is taken to stretch and recover.

Spin Sport 45´ or 55´

An effective and fairly hardcore indoor cycling lesson that you should definitely try, even if you do not have that much cycling experience – everyone adjusts their resistance themselves! The higher-intensity intervals are significantly longer than in the Fit classes, and there are more standing intervals. This is the kind of workout that will get your metabolism going! Let’s enjoy working out!

Theme classes

In addition to the classes held according to the weekly schedule, we do theme classes on request or during theme days. Examples: Karaoke spinning, Marathon spinning (1.5 h) or music-themed indoor cycling classes – 70s is back, 80s is back, 90s is back, Evergreens, It’s heavy, It’s summertime, Let’s rock, Suomipop, Vain elämää…


Our dance exercise classes offer a wide variety of options, from classes with fewer step patterns, such as Piloxing and Bailamama 9 months, to Zumba classes and Open air dancing basics. Try out our musical exercise classes and find the one that’s perfect for you!


This class starts with a latin music warm-up that focuses on posture, after which we make a smooth change to African dance, where the centre of gravity is lower. The music choices may sometimes be unexpected – occasionally, we use for example hip hop in the African dance choreographies. This new combination is surprisingly effective!  Periodically available in our weekly schedule, always available on request.

Bailamama® 4 Venus – for all women

Get your love muscles in shape, burn fat and get a fit bum, belly and arms. The Bailamama Women class offers the chance to enjoy a super workout of a woman’s most important muscle group – the pelvic floor muscles. Strong pelvic floor muscles increase sexual pleasure, improve posture and reduce incontinence issues. A comprehensive exercise experience for all women. In these classes, we relax our heads and tighten our pelvic floor! Class contents: 35% sweat and fun moves, 40% strength training for pelvic floor muscles, 25% relaxation and well-being. The duration is approx. 55 min.

Dance Burlesque Style K16

A choreographic dance exercise class where we practice two short choreographies per session. You do not need any previous dance experience – we will progress depending on the participants’ skill level. These classes are inspired by the feminine and seductive body language of burlesque. Therefore, the age requirement is 16 years. This class strengthens the core muscles and improves the mobility of the spine, body control and coordination.

East African dance

In this class, we teach Tanzanian dances accompanied by music, drumming and/or singing. The classes cover the basics of East African dance: posture, movements of the different body parts, step patterns and positive attitude. The classes are taught in English, but you can also manage without English skills. The class includes a warm-up at the beginning and stretching at the end.

Fitness dance

A fun and effective dance exercise class where you can let yourself get carried away by the beat. Improve your fitness while enjoying latin, pop, rock and jazz music.  In this class, each participant can do the exercises in their own style, according to their skill level. The goal of the class is to develop muscle strength, especially leg strength, and to encourage suppleness and relaxation in the core area. In this class, you can expect to sweat – and to have fun.

Open-air dancing basics

In this class, you can learn the basics of the most popular Finnish open-air dances (single-time swing, slow waltz, bugg, tango, foxtrot, open-air rumba). The same dance will be danced during two consecutive classes. You can come alone or with a partner. The duration is approx. 85 min.

PeurunkaHumppa – open air dancing exercise

This class is based on a combination of Finnish open-air dances and exercise moves. In this class, anyone can improve their fitness while enjoying familiar open-air dance music. The music varies from humppa to jenkka and from cha cha to rock. You do not need a partner, in these classes we mostly dance alone.

Piloxing ®

Pilates and boxing: two different worlds combined with groovy dance sessions – these are the ingredients of this new group exercise class that originated in Sweden and has become very popular in the US. Throw a hook, balance on one leg – calmly tilt your body to the side, stay in control, squat. This is what Piloxing is like. Truly a must-try class – get your corset muscles working hard! The boxing music tracks are fast-paced, but for body control exercises that require concentration the pace is slower. The duration is approx. 60 min.

Step-up exercise

In step-up exercises make use of low platforms and different step patterns. These exercises are an excellent way of strengthening the bones of your lower limbs. Step-up exercises are one of the forms of exercise recommended by the Finnish Osteoporosis Association. Our skeleton needs healthy bumps to stimulate the generation of new bone. In addition, performing these easy step patterns to the beat of the music is fun! The class includes muscle strength exercises and stretching. Periodically available in our weekly schedule, always available on request.


Zumba® is a fun and simple dance exercise class based on latin rhythms!  In this class, everyone can dance in their own style. Zumba’s dance steps are based on a variety of dances, including merengue, cumbia, reggaeton, salsa, hip hop, rumba, mambo, calypso, salsaton and flamenco. The class has an interval-type structure, where some movements are done at a fast pace, some at a slower pace. You’re going to break a sweat without even noticing!


ZumbaGold is based on latin rhythms just like Zumban®, but it is less strenuous. The choreographies used in these classes improve balance, mobility and coordination. The lesson is suitable for beginners, the elderly or those who simply want some lighter exercise.

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