Peurunka offers group exercise for kids.

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Dance for children is an activity focusing on music and dancing. The children will learn the basics of dancing and different rhythms through play and creative movement. During the classes we practice, for example, basic exercise skills, coordination, following the rhythm and being social, moving together and making use of space, directions and different levels.

In trick classes we develop basic exercise and motor skills through play and tricks. The group is intended for children aged 5–8 years. The tricks are practised alone, in pairs and in a group. In these classes, the focus is on having fun while learning new games and tumbling around on soft wrestling mats. The children also get to play wrestle – without forgetting safety, of course.

In the group for 9–12-year-olds, we practice the basics of acrobatics and bodyweight training through various individual, pair and group exercises. The classes create a foundation for good muscular fitness and body control. We make use of active games and little competitions, without forgetting small challenges!

In Parkour classes we practice the different elements of parkour through play and games. Movements typical to parkour, such as vaulting, jumping, hanging and climbing will become familiar through the exercises. In these classes, we highlight the importance of creativity and appreciating your own way of moving. A fun and fast-paced class that suits everyone!

Swimming school for children and adults. Can you swim?

  • Elementary swimming school; getting used to the water by playing, learning some basic swimming movements. The participants must be at least 5 years old and able to operate in a group, listen to instructions and wait for their turn.
  • Basic swimming school for those who have passed the elementary swimming school or otherwise have similar skills. The goal is to learn elementary swimming techniques and to stay above the surface for longer periods of time.
  • Advanced swimming school: in this group, we develop the elementary swimming movements further and practice swimming techniques. The classes mostly take place in a 140 cm deep pool. To participate in this group, the child must be able to swim at least 10 m several times during a swimming school class and manage swimming in a 140 cm deep pool without floats.


  • Swimming schools for children
  • 10 lessons for children €125/child
  • sibling discount of €5 for the next sibling
  • pay at the spa checkout before the first lesson

Adult swimming school

  • 5 lessons for adults €80/student, pensioners €65/student, with a super card €40/adult or €30/pensioner
  • the price includes a spa ticket, tuition and swimming badges
  • In addition to the swimming lessons, independent practice is also important, and we want to offer you an affordable opportunity to practice. If your child has participated in the children’s swimming school, you have the opportunity to buy 10x swimming ticket for one adult and one child at 20% less than the list price!

Good to know

  • the group size in our swimming schools is about 10 children / 1 instructor
  • a group starts if there are at least 6 participants
  • the lessons start at the pool area at the stated time
  • an adult must bring the child to the instructor at the swimming pool and pick the child up from the instructor at the swimming pool (slippers are available in the changing rooms)
  • the children only need to bring a swimsuit
  • if your child has their own swimming goggles, it is a good idea to bring them as well- regular training is important when learning to swim, but you should skip swimming school when sick

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