Fatbikes are a great way to enjoy the outdoors and nature all year round! The bike rolls lightly on all surfaces, from snow to peat and sand to roots. This is a perfect sport for all four seasons.

Challenge your bike

Compared to standard off-road bikes, fatbikes are at their best on soft and “bumpy” surfaces. Snow, slush, a swampy trail or soft sand are not a problem for fatbikes, but rather a challenge! In the winter, you can try snowmobile tracks, snowy forest trails or biking on the hard snow surface, and in the summer, sand ridges, swampy trails or root-filled and rocky forest trails. It will be a pleasant surprise!

Equipment at Peurunka

Peurunka’s fatbikes are Silverback Scoop Deluxe bikes. These bikes are suitable for everyone, even the most demanding enthusiast, as the parts are of a high quality and very durable.

The equipment is stored at Bistro Nemo, where you can rent the bikes.

  • available during Bistro Nemo’s opening hours
  • 7 fatbikes for adults (sizes: 2xS, 3xM and 2xL) and 2 children’s fatbikes

Guided tour

from 180 €

1 – 2 h

2 hours, adult

25 €

2 hours, child

20 €

2 hours, family

75 €

2 adults + 2 children below 14 years of age

4 hours, adult

40 €

4 tuntia, lapsi

30 €

1 day, adult

70 €

1 day, child

50 €

Ask for availability

020 751 601

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