It’s better to feel good – also at work

Peurunka is a wellness professional. Peurunka’s occupational well-being services help work organisations achieve the desired level of teamwork, address subjects associated with well-being and develop an encouraging, motivating atmosphere.

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Well-being at work

The well-being of a work organisation doesn’t happen by itself – it requires work and proactive measures. For decades, Peurunka has been assisting various organisations and companies in creating occupational well-being.


To request an offer, please contact Peurunka’s sales service at tel. +358 (0)20 751 6300 or

Корпоративный отдых в Финляндии

The joy of teamwork

Peurunka is an ideal place to develop the well-being of a work organisation. State-of-the-art facilities, a beautiful natural setting, the amenities of a spa hotel, a wide range of entertainment, invigorating activities and expert lectures on occupational well-being will help your organisation rise to the next level.

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Test your fitness!

Various fitness tests and measurements provide factual information on your physical condition and help in setting fitness goals. Ask for more information on testing!

Bicycle ergometer tests
Body composition measurement
Walking test
Muscle condition test
Health examination package
Fitness index

To request an offer, please contact Peurunka’s sales service at tel. +358 (0)20 751 6300 or

Керлинг в СПА-центре Пеурунка


Peurunga’s Curling sheet at the IceCat Arena offers fun for people of all ages and skill levels.

120 min max. 16 Includes equipment Starting at 260 € / group

Peurunka - Palvelut - Frisbee

Disc golf

Situated in beautiful natural surroundings, Peurunka’s 20-hole course offers the perfect setting for disc golf. This game is suitable for almost anyone!

60 min / 1 supervisor max. 20 / 1 supervisor Incl. equipment Starting at 130 € / group

Спа-центр и боулинг в Финляндии

Glow-in-the-dark bowling

Our bowling alley has 4 lanes, all of which are equipped with automatic scorekeeping and the option for glow-in-the-dark lighting effects.

60-90 min max. 6 bowlers/lane Incl. shoes and balls Starting at 26 € / lane/ hour *Supervision 120 € / 60 min

Peurunka - Palvelut - Laser

Precision sports

Participants are taught the basics of archery and laser shooting. With its two different shooting sports, this programme is sure to appeal to shooting enthusiasts!

60-90 min max. 12 / 1 supervisor Incl. equipment Starting at 130 € / group

Спа-центр Пеурунка

Spa Triathlon

Peurunka’s fabulous new space-themed spa offers a spectacular setting for our fun Spa Triathlon. Speed is key!

60 min max. 10 / 1 supervisor Incl. equipment Starting at 130 € / 1 supervisor Spa ticket for non overnight guests 10 € / person

Peurunka - Yrityksille

Teambuilding exercises

Choosing from the activities below, put together a four-activity programme: Tractor tyre rolls, sheet volleyball, “elephant ball” (similar to football, but played with a much larger ball), water carry and much, much more! Ask about our other activities!

60 min Incl. equipment Starting at 150 € / 1 supervisor

Peurunka - Liikunta - Sisäliikunta

Get sweaty – by exercising!

We recommend, for example, spinning, kettle bells, GymStick, supervised weight training, supervised water aerobics or fitness dancing classes. Ask about our other activities!

60 min max. 30 Incl. equipment Starting at 130 € / 1 supervisor

Корпоративный отдых в Финляндии

Active day package

Improve your mood and energy for work at Peurunka! Includes a fitness index measurement, supervised fitness activity (chosen activity), lunch at Food Garden Buffet, a quiz on well-being and test feedback, spa ticket.

1 day 1 Starting at 99 € / 1 person

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It’s better to feel good lectures

Book one of Peurunka’s popular expert lectures for your group’s occupational well-being and recreation days. Lectures are delivered by, for example, psychologists, physiotherapists and nurses. Lectures can also be combined with practical exercises and discussions.

More details on lectures, please consult our sales service at: +358 (0)20 751 6300 or